Quaint Goan houses of Saligao

Goa is much more than its beaches. So, this time we decided to skip the usual suspects and try another experience instead- stay in a quintessential Goan village, Saligao.




We were already charmed when told that this was the sleepy hamlet ‘Pocolim’ in the film ‘Finding Fanny’. And as we walked down its quiet rustic paths, the quaint little houses that won us over.


Bright, colorful and idiosyncratic, they are a rather mixed bag of Portuguese and Goan architectural styles. Some have large ornamental windows with stucco mouldings that open onto verandas and outward-looking balcões facing the street.


The houses look “dressed” with a vivid color wash. Well there is a reason why. During Portuguese rule the owners of the house could be fined if their houses were not painted. And they were forbidden to paint them in white.



‘I don’t care if colors clash. Personality should be reflected in a house.’


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