Rowing down the Meenachil

“A nothing day full of wild beauty…Little fish stream by, a river in water.”

Santosh had come to us touting a houseboat ride on Vembanad Lake but The General pointed to the Meenachil. ‘Can we row down the river in one of those little country boats?’. ‘Pinne enthaa!. Of course. Meet me at the river bank in an hour.’


And there was Santosh heartily rowing a tiniest little boat which I seriously doubted could hold the weight of the three of us. He proudly announced that he owns her and she’d won him a few races. ‘Can I row?’ asked The General with much anticipation. Santosh then brought out an extra pair of oars. ‘Pinne enthaa!’

Namukku pokam. Let’s go.




The Meenachil River is beautiful, calm and serene. Also known as Kavanar, it originates at vagamon in the Western Ghats of Kerala and flows westward through Kottayam



where it splits into number of distributaries before emptying into the Vembanad Lake. Kumarakom, the bird sanctuary and the resort where we stayed, is on one such branch.