Art at AOL – Ambrosia

‘Look at all these colors on my plate’, exclaims¬†The General. ‘Ambrosial’.ūüôā An effect of¬†Sattvic food. ¬†If life is about living in the¬†moment, sattvic¬†food makes that¬†moment exuberant, one morsel at a time. Foods, abundant in Prana- the universal life-force that gives life to all sentient beings,¬†¬†keep our minds clear, happy and at peace. The ancient Ayurvedic… Read More Art at AOL – Ambrosia

Seeking Shravanabelagola

‘We must see¬†Shravanabelagola’, said the General. And so we went for another detour, off the highway, meandering through¬†the country roads, sleepy villages and riotous¬†fields till we caught a glimpse of the colossal¬†monolithic statue of Gommateshvara¬†on Vindyagiri Hill.

Art at AOL-Finesse

The Art of Living International Center in Bangalore will fill¬†you with tranquility and peace. But what also strikes¬†as extremely¬†interesting here is it’s¬†interior design that adds to the serene ambiance. The¬†high level of craftsmanship in wood-carvings as was prevalent in ancestral homes in Kerala,¬†built in a specific pattern around a central courtyard –And then there are… Read More Art at AOL-Finesse

Hampi rocks

Among a surreal terrain that is intriguingly intermingled with large boulders that rear up all over the landscape, dotted with leafy banana fields, this little village perched on the¬†captivating ruins of the ‚ÄúCity of Victory‚ÄĚ surely rocks! –– This once dazzling Hindu capital of Vijaynagara was devastated in the second half of the sixteenth century.… Read More Hampi rocks


‚ÄúOne thing I‚Äôve learned about art is that, it‚Äôs not perfect. It doesn‚Äôt have to be a flawless masterpiece. I‚Äôm not perfect, we‚Äôre not perfect‚Ķ but right here, right now‚Ķ is perfect. It‚Äôs a masterpiece.‚ÄĚ ‚Äē Jac Prescott Winged Victory of Samothrace also called the Nike of Samothrace| Mus√©e du Louvre – – –Aphrodite, Venus… Read More Masterpiece