On the plantation trail – Woshully & Cottabetta

“They’re different species of coffee, sir. Arabica has round beans and bigger leaves and came to Coorg way before Robusta (also known as Canephora)!..The Cottabetta estate  (which literally means ‘Cold Mountain’) grew Arabica and was later transformed into a Robusta plantation…Now we’re in the Woshully estate.” And thus began my foray into coffee-estate jargon on a cool, rainy day. Robusta is easier… Read More On the plantation trail – Woshully & Cottabetta

The Misty Sahyadri

“The mountain remains unmoved at seeming defeat by the mist.”Early morning drive through the plateaus of Western Ghats or the Sahyadri. Like lost veiled memories echoing in the mist. And then slowly, reluctantly they reveal their faulted, eroded, edgy selves. Enchanting!  

Of Kapila & Kabini

“In the evening we go see Kapila, sir.” – our hotel guide. “Who’s Kapila?” – the General. “The river, sir.” “But isn’t she Kabini?” “Same river, guys” – me on Google. Kapila or Kabini, the river is calling and I must go..