Of Kapila & Kabini

“In the evening we go see Kapila, sir.” – our hotel guide. “Who’s Kapila?” – the General. “The river, sir.” “But isn’t she Kabini?” “Same river, guys” – me on Google. Kapila or Kabini, the river is calling and I must go..

Amongst the Sholas

The Sholas are a mosaic of stunted tropical montane evergreen forests and grasslands. Here’s a typical shola land, the Avalanche Sanctuary in the Nilgiris: An interesting fact: every shola, no matter how small it is, gives birth to springs and many rivers of South India originate in the sholas: Tunga Bhadra, Nethravathi, Cauvery… The word Shola comes from Tamil ‘sholai’ which means thicket, cold… Read More Amongst the Sholas