Amongst the Sholas

The Sholas are a mosaic of stunted tropical montane evergreen forests and grasslands. Here’s a typical shola land, the Avalanche Sanctuary in the Nilgiris: An interesting fact: every shola, no matter how small it is, gives birth to springs and many rivers of South India originate in the sholas: Tunga Bhadra, Nethravathi, Cauvery… The word Shola comes from Tamil ‘sholai’ which means thicket, cold… Read More Amongst the Sholas

The ombre Nilgiris

The hills are enveloped in a smoky haze, gradually changing from a shade of blue to some hue of green, all fading and softening into the other. Nilgiris, the Blue Mountains, are beautiful!  These shots were taken in Doddabetta, Kotagiri, Avalanche, and Ooty.