Time and money

They say that if you steal a money plant and make it grow and flourish in your house, you would prosper and get rich. I just got one home. Will I get lucky and rich now? Hmm..time will tell 🙂

Scindapsus aureus or money plant is a popular houseplant. It’s hardy and thrives with the minimum fuss. Here’s how you can give your little plant a big growth:

Temperature – Requires temperatures between 15º C-30º C. The leaves develop spots and turn yellow below 10º C.

Sunlight – If leaves turn yellow or start shedding, it’s a sign of excessive sunlight. Money plants don’t like too much sunlight so in summer you could place a wet cloth above it.

Watering – Change water every 2-3 days. (I did this in the initial weeks but now the plant has settled so have reduced the change to once in a week or two based on water quality.)

Trimming – New leaves grow out from the tips of the creeper. Trimming side shoots will give a  single long stem or cutting off the tip will encourage side growth to give a more fuller plant. Also as the plant is growing I keeping pushing it back into the bottle a little. That way the nodes that touch the water will give out roots and over time I will be able to snip off the bottom roots as they start to rot without affecting the plant.

Fertiliser – It can survive on naturally found salts in water and does not require addition of nutrients to the water. But any nitrate base fertiliser can be used. A weak solution of liquid fertiliser to be added into the water keeping in mind to add it late evening because in strong sunlight the fertiliser can cause root burn. (Don’t add fertiliser to newly cut or trimmed plants as fertiliser can damage the plant. Roots and leaves have different types of fertilisers.)

Pesticide – The money plant does not attract a lot of pests however it sees its fair share of ants and mosquitoes. A water based household insect spray like Sheltox would get rid of the ants and mosquitoes. ( I tend to use narrow necked and clear bottles so I can keep an eye on water quality. )

Do you have a money plant at home? How do you make your plant flourish and get you rich? :P


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