Azure boats of Mangalore fishermen

Imagine staying in a 100 odd years old house in the middle of a picturesque coastal town with the sweetest people as your hosts. Lucky me did just that! My friend P invited me into her ancestral home in Mangalore* for a few days. It was almost like a dream… but for Ajji, her 85 years old grandmother who made sure that things remained, well, down to earth :-). After I was done gawking over this beautiful place and had settled in, I asked her, the famed connoisseur of Manglorean cuisine,  how can I get her to cook for me? “I’ll cook for you if you get the fish. But make sure it’s really fresh”.  So, off we went to the fish market. In pursuit of freshness, I got to go a step further to explore the fish farmers’ dwellings where a hard working fishermen community is busy in offshore and deep-sea fisheries in their little azure blue boats.

*Mangalore is a port city in the state of Karnataka in south India, about 220 m west of the state capital, Bangalore.


6 thoughts on “Azure boats of Mangalore fishermen

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kavi. We did manage to get some incredibly fresh fish which Ajji very kindly cooked for us. Over the few days I was there, I had sumptuous local fish and crab curries like Bolanjir Ghassi and Jenji Ghasi..Yummy!! 🙂

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