That instant glow

I like it when I turn on the lights as I enter a dark room..a radiant glow embraces the room, transforming it instantly. Now if only my life could transform just like that. Well, it doesn’t. Certainly not in an instant. Instead, it’s a series of subtle moments that shape a change so slowly that there is little or no drama.

Sure, there have been big moments of wins and losses like clinching a plum deal or when he said those words that I so wanted to hear or when I lost my good friend.. life defining of sorts but without a drum roll or pulsating background score. I guess it’s more theatrical when you look back at stuff than when you are actually living it. Maybe, that’s why memories have such a fan following…they are  blockbusters in our own minds.

And then there are moments of revelation that dawn in an instant and change our perspective completely. Like when you’d been looking for your car keys and suddenly there’s enlightenment: the shoe rack. Or when you’re giving someone a good piece of your mind and realize how your harsh words only reflect your mindset. Or that instant in the middle of the night when you get that brilliant idea that will save the world. You scribble it down right away. Next morning you read it –  ‘rancher kabu twice droom’ with a bleary doodle :-).

There was also a moment when I’d hiked to a high point in the Himalayas, looked down at the pristine valley and thought this is it, it can’t get better than this! Did my life change in that instant? Nah.. I took a photo and headed back.

Read on how an instant can change our lives forever in DP Weekly Writing Challenge.


6 thoughts on “That instant glow

  1. Love the photographs. What are the they? Plus your line about did it change your life in an instant, nah just to a photograph and headed back is priceless. I am subscribing to your blog and will check out more. I am a digital artist. Please stop by my blog when you have a moment.

    1. Thanks, Walter. They are of a lighted lamp shade in my living room 🙂 Thanks for your follow and I’m so glad that you actually read the posts. I checked out your blog and it is awesome. Loved your digital work. So, here’s my follow right back at u!!

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