Adventurous blogger! me?

“The big question is whether you are going to be able to say a hearty yes to your adventure.” – Joseph Campbell.

The thing I like about blogging is the travel experiences and pictures that the fellow bloggers share. There is always someone who has just been to some place you always wanted to go or somewhere you’d been yourself…memories rush in or an already overloaded bucket list gets an add-on.. and you’re reminded how big this world is and yet it’s a small one 🙂

The Retiring Sort has nominated me for The Adventurous Blogger Award. I feel honored because I absolutely admire her insightful writings and very interesting posts. Please check out her blog ( to see what I mean.

Here are the  Adventurous Blogger Award rules:

The nominated blogger should refer back to the blogger who nominated them, then answer the 7 questions below about their adventurous soul. The nominee should then nominate 12 bloggers for the Adventurous Blogger Award, and let them know of the nomination. The green Adventurous Blogger Award ‘patch’, when copy/pasted onto winning blogs, can be linked back to the awarding blogger if desired.

1. In which country or region would you like your next adventure to be? South America
2. Where would you recommend for an adventurous time? Central Asia
3. Most interesting culture? Many, tough to pick one..culture resides in the hearts and soul of the people and you’ve to really know them to understand it. There are several i am a total fan of……
4. Favourite activity? Aimless wandering
5. Most dangerous risk taken? Hmm..can’t talk about the inappropriate ones 😉  but i think the worse decision was to travel at a whim without proper planning; end up forexless and homeless in a foreign country and then make frantic calls home.. nah! you don’t want to do that 🙂
6. Favourite quotation? I have not been everywhere, but it is on my list!
7. Happiness is… “health and a short memory!” 😉

My 12 Nominations for Adventurous Blogger Awards, whose blogs i’d choose to read on a desert island ( for reasons you’ll find out by visiting their blogs) are:
  1. My Everyday Photos
  2. Wandering through Time and Place
  3. Travels and Trifles
  4. The Northern Narratives
  5. Fotosynthese
  6. rprtphoto
  7. A Happy and Beautiful World
  8. The Little Backpacker
  9. restlessjo
  10. Sébastien Ouvry Photographies
  11. TheAdventuresOfDr
  12. blueberriejournal

18 thoughts on “Adventurous blogger! me?

    1. Thanks so much!! I so wish that I’ll get to go there one of these day. I see an awesome background image of Machu Picchu on your blog…that’s on my list too 🙂 i guess you’ve been to some really wonderful places!!

  1. Thanks for the nomination, and congrats to you as well. Love to read the blogs and look at the images of fellow adventures, writers, photographers, and all-around kindred spirits….

    RPRT Photo

  2. Deepali, thanks so much for the nomination and congratulations to you! I’m happy and honored to accept. It may take me some time to put together my post but rest assured, its coming!!

  3. Hi Deepali, thank you very much for your nomination.
    I feel honored to accept.
    I am still trying to figure out what the nomination would mean – is there going to be a decision about the award at some point in time?

    1. It’s a blogosphere award, which means that one blogger nominates it to another fellow blogger who, if he chooses to accept it, can follow the award details and go on to nominate other bloggers..and this forms a network. As you’d like to accept this one, you can create your own list of nominees, post it in your blog and let them know about it. Enjoy!!

  4. Hello to you, thanks for nominating. Don’t feel affronted, but I am not fan of such awards, that’s why I won’t do anything about the nomination. But I had a look at the other blogs and am now following some 🙂

    1. I absolutely understand if you chose not to act on the nomination…but i’m so glad that you visited and liked some of the nominated blogs.. that was the whole purpose 🙂

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