Big and oddly at ease :-)

This big chevy is calmly parked at an apparel store’s winter collection and not in a garage. I found it so cute; oddly at ease amid the frenzy of  holiday shoppers all around it.

Find more BIG stuff here.



23 thoughts on “Big and oddly at ease :-)

      1. I am mostly…but he’s a lad, and still in the idiot phase for another two years [until his brain finishes developing] so he is also a worry at times. As all boys are to their mothers I think.

      2. Yeah, that’s so true!! Don’t worry too much..he’ll do just fine, just needs some time.. and he’s got an awesome mom like you to guide him 🙂

      3. Awwwwww…I needed to hear that Deepali – thanks. He’s been a bit cheeky lately has my lad. But he’s good and kind and I adore him…even if I do want to whack him across the head at times.

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