Lazy Waters

The waters around here are lazy. They don’t work and they don’t do sounds. How often I wish they could be more, work harder and make some noise..swirl, swoosh, gurgle, babble, quack, hiss…But hey, ‘ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy’ and these waters know this well. They sometimes reluctantly respond to my zealous attempts to add acoustics to their adequately muted world. Drop a pebble. Plop. Flap the oars. Thud. Rock the boat. Bubble. Wade. Splash.

Nevertheless, I love the sounds of water. It either takes me to my ‘happy place’ or puts me to sleep. In my mind, hearing the sounds of water in their natural environments, waves, rain, streams, waterfalls, touches on an inner being where on some subconscious level I’m reassured that all is well with this world. Come on, if the waters are still at peace and flowing at their own pace, it can’t be that bad. The cyclic repetition of ocean waves and the constant rush of a stream can instantly draw me into a state of light hypnosis or deep relaxation.

So, I tune into these sounds on my ipod while the waters around me laze.

Hear more ‘Sounds of Blogging’ in this week’s Writing Challenge here.

Free Spirit is the theme of this week’s DP Photo Challenge. I think these lazy waters, happily basking in the sun, fit the bill 🙂

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