London Glimpses: Victoria Memorial

With the images of  London splashed all over the media during these Olympics weeks, I could not help but reminisce my trip to this lovely city earlier this year 🙂

victoria memorial london
The enormous statue of Queen Victoria, over 18 ft high and made in Portland Stone, is seated against a great pediment, facing away from Buckingham Palace and down the Mall towards Trafalgar Square. Around the curved sides of the pedestal, are angels of Truth, Motherhood, and Justice. Atop the pediment is a winged Victory in gold.
victoria memorial london
Four massive bronze lions, each with a monumental figure representing Agriculture, Manufacture, Peace, and Progress, stand to the four sides of the monument.
victoria memorial london
There are two pairs of reclining figures to the sides, Art & Science, and Naval & Military Power, lying atop the enclosing walls of the podium, and beneath them are bronze panels of tritons and mermaids.

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