Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment

Here are some of the fleeting moments that I could capture of the street life in Montmartre, Paris.

Montmartre is to Parisians what the village is to the New Yorkers. Once a village of artisans near the city, Montmartre today is often crowded with tourists, but it managed to somehow maintain that village-like atmosphere. It is officially designated a historic district, but sure is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Paris. So it’s no surprise that this area gave me some very good street moments!

I particularly like this second picture because it is an apt image of my reminiscence of the place: uneven cobbled paths, the oblivious man painting away his wall, french windows, cute little patisserie, street art popping up unexpectedly, and the radiant golden dome at a distance..hmmm!

I just loved this utterly charming quintessential cafe scene with vibrant pink walls, green window shutters, and the chalkboard menu promising a sumptuous,  satisfying meal. Check out the white van covered with graffiti 🙂

See more Fleeting Moments in this week’s Photo Challenge here.

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