Ripples on a water lily pond

This is no Giverny. This is my everyday neighborhood pond that sometimes suddenly transforms its ordinariness into a spectacle when the white and pink lilies bloom and rock to and fro in the ripples of its waters. It is wonderful to see large lily pads floating on gently rippled pond. The lily pads do not actually disturb the water as they mostly sit on the surface and just bob around. Their stems beneath the water just slows the current a little rather than making noticeable ripples.

The result is a gentle maze of waves crisscrossing the surface creating an intricate pattern.

The water lilies, besides looking great, also maintain the well-being of the ponds they inhabit: by providing shade to keep the water temperature down thus sheltering fish and keeping the algae growth down by blocking out a lot of sunlight. They also absorb nutrients in the water that would normally feed these undesirable green plants and this keeps the water clear and clean.

The gentle quiet solace of a pond, the soothing movement of the spreading ripples, the blooming beauty of the water lilies…this is THE  respite for the soul.101You may also like these posts:


16 thoughts on “Ripples on a water lily pond

  1. I adore water lilies, I’d so love to have a pond one day and place yellow water lilies in it. I’m not sure it would be feasible here in Bulgaria but I’d love to try.

  2. AHA, so this is the link I received from you talking about Monet not even knowing you have already created a “Monet” without even going to France. The reason I said that I just returned from my pilgrimage and we had a side trip of the village where Monet was from and the garden was just Awesome. Thanks. May I keep copies of your exquisite beautiful surrounding. Lucky you!

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