Create art by staying still

How often have you seen human statues in parks and streets, busking for money with a physical patience and control that rivals most yogis and athletes!! Do you think that Living Statues are actually living and breathing art?

With their exquisite make-up, they become part of the scene, secretly in-waiting to chose their next victim to play on. What most people don’t expect while looking closely at what they think is a genuine piece of art, is for it to subtlety move, smile, wink and then be generally cheeky! Causing plenty of surprises, squeals, laughter and best of all, great photo opportunities! 🙂

What fascinates me more is that the study of Living Statues can also be a study of those that watch them: whilst some are drawn to their performance, others are terrified. Some see beauty, others see an object for derision. Rarely have there been forms of art that have drawn such extreme reactions, good and bad, from the public – and all from standing still in silence.

But hey, it really is a lot harder than it looks. Standing still for anything longer than fifteen minutes can cause some significant pain in the joints, back and feet. A professional Living Statue would think nothing of standing still for two hours or more which takes a great deal of concentration and physical control.


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