My serene spot in this city

Sometimes living in a city can feel like you’re caught in a whirlwind and trying hard not to get sucked into the vortex. It helps to get away from the chaos, to your own place of tranquility that is fit for taking a deep breath, focusing on the center of your being and opening up. Just like “hot spots” for the internet all over town, we need “serene spots” for the spirit. Thankfully, I’ve found my serene spot not very far from home…

072I had passed by this area often, on my way to rushing for meetings or running errands. From the main road, it seemed an ordinary water body lined with a handful of trees. But one day, as I was stranded in a traffic jam with a lot of time to kill, I peered at the tree line more closely and lo and behold.. I noticed a narrow jagged trail at a distance going deeper and farther and tapering away. Yeah, soon enough I was walking on that  trail 🙂

I sauntered through a natural avenue of trees. It was shady, dark and cool. As I came to the end of the trees it opened up into a small lake. The air was warmer, the sounds of insects almost too loud. A strider suddenly broke the surface and ripples widened out. Standing at the edge of the lake now, with the pebbles under my feet, I took in the smell, of water and air, warmth and living.


In the depths of its water, I could only see the pond weed and small insects at first. But as I remained still, layers of water became more apparent; the open light layer with minnows darting about, the next darker layer and the deeper dark bottom of the pond with the brown silt moving with life.

068Then the dragonflies caught my attention, landing on a bulrush nearby. I lifted my gaze for a moment to see them in their metallic blue finery. From the corner of my eye I could see a dark shape move in the water and realized there are loads of fish that I’d not noticed before. I finally gave in to my urge to throw a pebble in the water: there’s a ‘plop’ sound, concentric circles form on the lake, and a moorhen runs away startled. Yes, I’d found my serene spot 🙂



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