Caught in Boston museum of fine arts

I was caught using my camera flash in Museum of Fine Arts (MFA), Boston. Not a proud moment. But hey in my defense, I was so caught up with the breathtaking masterworks at every turn here that I didn’t even realize when the flash got turned on. I was fuddled when these two uniformed men came charging and instructed me to turn off the flash light ‘right away’. Yes sir, of course, will do just that! Well, I generally don’t take pictures inside museums..but the direct and close encounters with the works of art and outstanding collections that the MFA houses just make you want to click 🙂

The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston had originally opened in 1876 in Copley Square, in a John H. Sturgis and Charles Brigham-designed gothic structure of red brick and terra-cotta.  The Museum later moved to its present granite Guy Lowell-designed, neo-classical structure on Huntington Avenue in 1909.

The MFA broke ground for a major building expansion designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architects Foster and Partners (London) in 2005.

The MFA  has one of the country’s finest collections of American Art. The museum also has a large collection of European paintings and sculpture. The impressionists are especially well represented. The Egyptian gallery has many old sculptures and a number of painted mummy masks, some even gilded. The Asian art collection is huge, spread over almost 20 galleries.

From gilded icons of the Italian Renaissance to one of the largest collections of Monets outside of Paris, the MFA has artwork by highly celebrated artists, including Titian, Dürer, Rembrandt, van Gogh, Gauguin, and Renoir.

Did you know that The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Van Gogh Museum have discovered a new painting by Vincent van Gogh? The work is concealed under a later painting, Ravine. The hidden composition came to light in an x-ray photograph and appears to show a remarkable resemblance to a drawing at the Van Gogh Museum entitled Wild vegetation.

Here’s an interesting bit. The Boston Museum of Fine Art got a new gallery on the night o June 26 2011…in their bathrooms :-). A group of artists commemorated “Flush the Walls” — a protest-exhibit held 40 years ago — by turning the bathrooms in the new Art of the Americas wing into a make-shift gallery.

A group of about 20 artists snuck-in with their works, pasted them on the walls, and held a spontaneous reception. The 19-minute exhibit drew close to 75 people to the temporary galleries, then it was broken up by security. The event was organized to give the MFA a signal to pay more attention to local artists.

Joel Shapiro – untitled, cast bronze


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