Of sunsets, dusk and the blue hour

Dusk is called go-dhooli in Hindi…the time when cows return home after a hard day’s work in the fields, raising dust of the earth by their hoofs.

As I shared this with my photography enthusiast friend, he told me that most of his best images were taken in ‘the blue hour’. The French call it l’heure bleue, which sounds so much more enthralling than plain twilight. Then as he went on to describe dusk in Civil, Nautical, Astronomical terminology, with details of the sun’s angle and color spectrum for each… it dawned upon me that there is much more to my most favorite time of the day which all this while I’d called ‘evening’. 🙂

So on my next visit to the beach, I paused and had a good look at the sky as the sun was coming down and long after it had disappeared in the horizon. I stood and stared as colors changed and so did the world around me. Yes, now I get what the fuss is all about…


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