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Up close with the Palace of Westminster

My first couple of days in London were gloomy because it just didn’t stop raining. Then suddenly one fine afternoon out came the sun all bright and radiant and off I went leaving my umbrella behind. Sure I made the most of it by getting up close and personal with the exquisite English Gothic architecture.. the first on my list was the palace of Westminster. Imagine this is actually a work place for the law makers when both houses of parliament meet! Gobsmacked :-)..

The Clock Tower, which we know by the name of its main bell, “Big Ben”. Why is the Clock Tower’s bell called Big Ben? Maybe after Benjamin Hall, First Commissioner for Works, whose name is inscribed on the bell. Another theory is it was named after Ben Caunt, a champion heavyweight boxer.

Statue of Oliver Cromwell which was rather controversial when installed

Spire of St. Stephen’s Tower, also called the Central Tower

The statue of Richard I (Richard the Lionheart, or Cæur de Leon) outside the Houses of Parliament

The Victoria Tower stands at the House of Lords, situated at the south end of the Houses of Parliament

Sovereign’s Entrance, where the Queen enters Parliament for State Opening. It’s part of Victoria Tower that houses the parliamentary archives.

It’s surprising how close you can get to the Houses of Parliament.

from the Westminster Bridge. Check out the union jack colors on the cab :-)

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7 comments on “Up close with the Palace of Westminster

  1. calmyourbeans
    May 18, 2012

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  2. megbouchard
    May 18, 2012

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    Such an awesome views!!!

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  6. newbridekumar
    August 16, 2012

    I lived in London my whole life and worked at the houses of Parliament until last year….now I live in Oxford, beautiful but London is something else….i miss home :(

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